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“Let your food be thy medicine and medicine thy food.”

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Meet Our Team of Experts

We have expert doctors and licensed nutritionists/dietitians on our writing team.

Anju Mobin
B.Sc. Home Science (Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics)
Managing Editor of BestforNutrition
Anju Mobin is a certified nutritionist with a 3-year graduate degree in B.Sc. Home Science (Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics). With an additional 4-year graduate degree in Fine Arts (BFA Applied Arts), she combines her passion for advertising with her knowledge of the health industry to create, develop and execute content marketing campaigns for healthcare products. She is the founder and editor of the health website fitnesshacks.org.

Gigitha Robins
B.Sc. Home Science (Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics)
Gigitha Robins is a certified nutritionist and an experienced health blogger. With a graduate degree in B.Sc. Home Science (Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics) Gigitha provides clinical diet advice to diabetic and hypertensive patients though a major percentage of her clients are those hoping to shed some extra body fat. Gigitha promotes natural holistic healing methods to treat lifestyle diseases and encourages people to use food as medicine along with increased physical activity and reduced stress. She offers actionable diet and fitness advice in her blog articles.

Dr. Rashmi Byakodi
Dr. Rashmi Byakodi is a health and wellness writer who aims to spread awareness about health through her words. With her medical background and a passion for writing, she has been creating health content on various platforms. She believes that with the right knowledge and a healthy lifestyle we can combat many health issues and she strives to spread the same through her blog posts.